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Latest Invention: 3D Body Scanner to Help Choose the Most Suitable Garment


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Bodymetrics, a company based in London, teamed up with PrimeSense, a 3D machine vision firm to come up with a full three-dimensional body scanner meant to help customers find the most suitable pair of jeans.

With the help of 8 PrimeSense 3D sensors, the device takes all the necessary measurements of the user and maps the shape of their body. Then the information is analyzed by retailers. The latter find garments that would fit the customer.

Bodymetrics "Fit Stylists" will be the first to use the scanner to help female clients select the best-fitting jeans.

Customers can find the first Body Mapping scanner at a New Look store located in London's Westfield Stratford City shopping mall. The device makes 100 measurements that are then used to find suitable clothes.

This is not the first device of its kind, but according to the developers it is much cheaper and easier to set up than its counterparts.

[via Ubergizmo]

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