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Latest Invention: 3D Live Communication System Brings Users Together in Virtual World


Specialists at NTT Docomo are now working on a 3D Live Communication System, the prototype of which it has currently unveiled.

The new system is expected to take video calls a step forward. When two people are using the system through tablet computers, the speech recognition technology turns spoken keywords from the conversation into images that are displayed in the virtual world shared by the users. In such a way the system makes people feel closer, no matter how far away they are physically.

It is worth mentioning that the virtual world is created in the Docomo network cloud and streamed right to tablet or smartphone of each user. In virtual space users can turn into animals, or appear in virtual theme parks or the moon.

The spatial recognition technology in the communication system tracks 360-degree videos or 3D objects as if the user is actually looking at them. Thus if the person is looking from above, the 3D object is shown as seen from above and if the user looks sideways, they can see the object shown from the side.

So far the system requires a special rage-imaging camera in order to make users appear in the virtual space. At the same time virtual space is not always necessary, and users have the possibility to choose a CG background, for instance, using their tablet.

"Here, we're just exhibiting a prototype of this technology. Regarding services actual customers could use, we're still thinking about those, so we haven't decided our timeline yet," said the company's representative.

Check out the video below to get a better understanding of how the system works.

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