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Latest Invention: 3D Printed 13:30 Headphones


John Mabry from Teague Labs has created his own headphones from components that were created using a 3D printer and then assembled.

Dubbed "13:30" (the name comes from the time the 3D printer needed to print out all the components, i.e. 13 hours and 30 minutes), the headphones were created with the help of a Dimension 1200ES model ABS FDM machine.

Mabry's goal was to create something that could be assembled without any additional instruments.

He designed every part of the headphones and used simple electronics, such as speakers, wiring, and RCA jacks, which he bought separately and then fitted them in the frame.

However, it should be mentioned that Mabry's headphone design needs soluble support in order to make them tough and prevent from breaking. Such support can't be made by most consumer-level 3D printers.

The inventor has posted the CAD files for his headphones to Thingiverse together with instructions for those who are willing to print a pair of 13:30 headphones.

[via Teague Labs]

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