Monday, 14 May, 2012 Technology

Latest Invention: 3D-Printed Glove That's Also a Cell Phone


The Milwaukee-born Bryan Cera is the author of an invention which he named Glove One. The device is a 3D-printed glove that can also play the role of a working cell phone.

Cera unveiled his gadget at the Peck School of the Arts MA/MFA Thesis Exhibition that took place in April. Glove One includes touch keys on the underside of each finger, a speaker and a microphone found on the thumb and pinkie.

Besides being an interesting device, Glove One is also an experiment that Cera caries out in order explore the sacrifices that people are willing to make to incorporate the technology in our daily lives. The invention is a "cell phone which, in order to use, one must sacrifice their hand," says its author. His invention highlights our dependence on technology that the continuous integration of technology in our lives.

[via AGBeat]

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