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Latest Invention: 3D Printing Tech to Help Build a House in 1 Day


A group of designers and architects from Softkill Design decided to come up with a project that would allows setting up a house in just a day.

According to Gilles Retsin of Softkill Design, the building that plan to create will not actually be 3D printed, due to the fact that a 3D printer is used only to create a formwork, which will then be filled with concrete.

Specialists at Softkill Design claim that their single-story invention allows making all parts of a house in only 3 days and put together that house in a day.

It is worth mentioning that the so-called Protohouse 2.0 will be created in a factory, its parts moved to the building area in vans and there they will be put together.

The designers say that there will be no need of bolting, screwing, or welding to make the house. All of the parts are extremely light, and to assemble the house you just have to kind of click together the parts.

It would be interesting to note that Protohouse 2.0 will represent an update of the initial Protohouse. The latter was more fibrous and less sound from the structural point of view.

According to the firm the new project will stronger than structures made with traditional materials such as concrete.

Softkill Algorithm

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