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Latest Invention: 500GB Micro-holographic Disc from G.E.


General Electric presented its latest invention in technology - a 500 gigabyte micro-holographic disk, which measures just like the traditional DVD disk. Although the product was created for the archive industry, the company looks forward to sell it to the general customer.

It is worth mentioning that micro-holographic discs outrun the storage capacity even of a Blu-ray disc due to the fact that they store data in 3D instead of pits used on the traditional disc's surface. In recent times the company managed to come up with significant improvements in the new material that considerably expands the amount of light that can be mirrored by the holograms.

With an increase in reflectivity, the storage capacity of the disc increases as well. The new technology will facilitate players to be developed which are backwards compatible with the current technologies such as those of DVD and Blu-ray.

In its statement General electric wrote: "the hardware and formats are so similar to current optical storage technology that the micro-holographic players will enable consumers to play back their CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs."

According to the company's representatives, soon it would be possible to store a large collection of high-definition movies on a single disc, being able to support such resolution formats as 3D television. In order to be able to bring its latest invention to the consumer market, the company will need to work in cooperation with hardware manufacturers.

Now the main goal of G.E. is to bring its latest invention to commercial markets, including television networks, movie studios, medical field and hospitals, where it is necessary to keep data-intensive images. Its larger, goal, however, is to make the product available for the broader market, i.e. corporate and consumer.

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