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Latest Invention: Acoustic Ear-scanning Technology to Help Avoid Theft


Researchers managed to come up with a technology that could protect portable devices such as iPod and mobile phones from theft.

Their latest invention uses the acoustic fingerprint of the ear, which makes it impossible for other people to operate the device. Such technology could be also used to improve the safety features of bank accounts and passports.

Scientists found that it is possible to identify a person by the distinctive sounds of the ear chamber. In their study researchers used an earphone to send a weak tone in the ear in order to stimulate hair cells beyond the inner ear. Thus they hoped to make the hair cells produce their own sound. The sound is unique, with the person's eardrum, ear bones and ear shape playing a role in producing it.

The latest invention proposed by the researchers will allow a user's iPod or mobile phone to instantly identify the "fingerprint" of the owner. Thus with the help of anti-theft acoustic fingerprint detector people will have the possibility to use their gadgets without worrying that it could be stolen.

Such technology could be used to pay bills or safely carry out different banking transactions by simply put on a set of headphones or a mobile phone to the ear. According to Arthur Rapos, electronics engineer at Elektra company, this technology could be a step towards creating microchips with biological information that could be implanted in humans.

"The sound the inside of our ear makes is not the only unique thing about an individual. Think of a tree where no two leaves are the same," said Mr Rapos.

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//11 Apr 09, 2010 05:11 AM | posted by: thegman [InfoWILD]
Some recording engineers with whom I work have agreed with me that each human being hears music differently because of things like the physical nature of the outer and inner ear. This seems to confirm our view.
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