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Latest Invention: Adizero f50 - Smart Boot from Adidas


Adidas has recently unveiled its latest innovation - a football (soccer) boot called adizero f50. The company has equipped its boot with a miCoach SPEED_CELL, fitting it in a cavity in the sole of the f50.

The chip collects information on speed (maximum and average), the number of sprints, distance, steps and more.

The information that has been recorded is stored in the on-board memory found in the boot. It is worth mentioning that the memory boasts a capacity able to accumulate 7 hours of data that can be wirelessly sent to a tablet, PC or Mac after the game.

With the help of miCoach Website, users can use the collected information to compare their performance with that of other football players.

Although Adidas equipped its new boots with the miCoach SPEED_CELL, it says that the new football footwear weights only 165 grams (5.8 oz), which makes it world's lightest football boot. One of the main materials that make the boot so lightweight is called Sprint Skin. It's a synthetic material that is both thinner and lighter than its counterparts available on the market today.

In addition, Adidas' new boot includes Agion anti-microbial technology. It also allows the player to show maximum acceleration thanks to a new stud shape.

The adizero f50 is expected to hit the stores around the world in November, wearing a price tag of EUR210 ($277), while the package featuring the boots, a Speed Cell, a dongle for linking to an iPod or iPhone, as well as the miCoach CONNECT for PC and Mac will be available for EUR245 ($324).

[via Adidas]

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