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Latest Invention: Advanced Low-Cost Prosthetic Hand


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Generally there are three types of prosthetic limbs: purely cosmetic, low-cost attachments that offer a somewhat limited range of motion such as hooks and electronic that are the most expensive but which offer more natural hand motions.

The latest invention of Mark Stark, a designer of dryers and a number of other appliances, is an electronic-free prosthetic device that encompasses the best parts of each of the three.

The artificial limb is very light, inexpensive and moves almost like an expensive robotic limb.

It would be interesting to note that Stark designed the device to help his friend, Dave Vogt, who has been living without a left hand for his whole life.

The device created by Stark is electronics-free, but at the same time each finger moves independently, being equipped with 3 knuckles (the thumb has 2). These knuckles bend independently in order to allow the user grasp different objects of various shapes. The hand costs between $17,000 and $18,000, informs Gizmodo.

Watch the videos below to see the prosthetic limb in action.

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