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Latest Invention: Aeros Corporation Unveils New Airship Prototype


Aeros Corporation, company with headquarters in California, has recently finished the creation of its airship proof-of-design sub-scale prototype.

Dubbed Aeroscraft, the aircraft is 79 meters (260ft) long. The developers are going to show some of its abilities, such as vertical take-off and landing point to point delivery.

The goal is to build a full-scale craft that is going to be twice the length of the prototype and able to carry payloads as heavy as 66 tons.

After a successful trial of the Aeroscraft's systems, the company's CEO Igor Pasternak expressed the opinion that the new airship represents the starting point of a vertical global transportation solution for probably the next 100 years.

The company hopes that its airship revolutionizes global cargo transport for commercial and military fields, being able to load and unload payloads without re-ballasting or the need of any ground infrastructure, as well as bring cargo point to point more cost-effectively and with a lower level of emissions compared to today's methods.

Check out the video below to watch the finished construction of the prototype.

[via Aeros]

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