Thursday, 10 Feb, 2011 Technology

Latest Invention: Affetto - Robotic Baby that Helps Understand the Development of Human Intelligence


A team of Japanese researchers built a child-like robot platform and named it Affetto.

Composed of Minoru Asada, a professor of Adaptive Machine Systems at Osaka University in Japan, Hisashi Ishihara, a PhD candidate at Osaka University and Yuichiro Yoshikawa, from the Dept. of Adaptive Machine Systems at Osaka University, the team had the goal of developing a robot that could interpret several realistic facial expressions.

Researchers consider that their work could help people interact with robots in a more natural way.

The final goal was entitled by Professor Asada, who is also the head of the JST ERATO Asada Project, "cognitive developmental robotics". Via robotics the research team targets a better understanding of the development of human intelligence.

Their latest invention, Affetto, mimics facial expressions of a one to two-year-old child. Researchers will use the robot to examine the early phases of human social development, reports IEEE.

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