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Latest Invention: DIY Alarm Clock that Uses Guitar Strings to Play Pleasant Tunes


A designer managed to create a very original alarm clock that won't frustrate the user. Dubbed the Acoustic Alarm, the device makes use of a motorized pic to hit 4 guitar strings and thus create a pleasant acoustic tune.

The author of the Acoustic Alarm is Jamie McMahon. On his site the designer mentioned that quite often human emotions, which are rather sensitive to different factors, are influenced by the sound of the alarm in the morning.

It would be interesting to note that the user can adjust the tone of the alarm with the help of tuning pegs. The cabinet of this DIY gadget is made of waxed birch plywood. At the same time the designer thought about using walnut to make the bridges, tuning pegs and motorized pic.

In order to set the alarm time, the user simply has to rotate two knobs made of stainless steel - one being for hours and the other for minutes. Then, to activate the alarm, it is required to flip a toggle switch on the device.

Jamie also decided not to include the function that displays time, saying that in such a way people will be less tense due to the fact that they won't have to stare at the numbers. A panel in the back allows setting the time of the day.

The one thing that probably upsets is that this invention is less likely to hit the market - at least the designer does not mention this fact.

"This is basically a project using psychology and seeing what affect music and sound has on us," says Jamie, adding that his goal is to find a way to integrate natural sounds in contemporary products, thus making people feel happier.

Watch the video below to see how the Acoustic Alarm works.

[via Jamie McMahon Design]

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