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Latest Invention: Animation Technique Accurately Copies Human Eye


The latest invention in animation technique allows developing lifelike eyes in just minutes. In order to make a more realistic copy of the eye, a scientist from the University of Rennes 1 in France made two equal digital photos of an eye.

From one of the images Guillaume Francois applied a software program to be able to get rid of the effect of cornea, which is the transparent layer found on top of the iris, on the light that enters the eye. Afterwards the software used the photograph of the eye without the cornea in order to construct a comprehensive 3D model of the iris.

To be able to do this, the software assumed that the iris' lighter parts correspond to tissue's thicker regions, due to the fact that more light is dispersed by thick tissue. Then the effect of the cornea was reintroduced with the help of the information provided by the untouched photo. At the final stage the software added the sparkle caused by light that catches the corner of the eye, informs New Scientist.

With the help of their latest invention, scientists managed to create a virtual eye that has 95 percent of its iris pigments matching those in the image of the real eye. The entire process requires only a few minutes, thus animators are free to make specific changes to their design in no time.

According to Chunk Hansen, who works as a computer scientist at the University of Utah, Salt Lake City, this latest animation technique can be used to develop artificial eyes that more accurately copy a person's healthy eye.

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