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Latest Invention: Apollo Shirt Makes Use of NASA Technology to Control Body Temperature


Check out this Apollo shirt created using NASA technology. The latter made it possible for the shirt's wearer to regulate body temperature.

In addition, the shirt neutralizes foul odors and adjusts to the wearer's motions. It all started with the creation of a company by MIT student Gihan Amarasiriwardena, who was asked by one of his friends to design an improved version of a dress shirt in 2010.

The student decided to team up with Kevin Rustagi and launch their first limited line of shirts and undershirts. To improve their work MBA students Aman Advani and Kit Hickey were invited to join the company.

Called the Ministry of Supply, the firm managed to come up with shirts that represent new knit synthetic blend that uses the same type of phase change material technology that the famous space agency does to regulate body temperature in its suits developed for space missions.

The tea says that the blend is able to detract heat from the body when it's hot. When the wearer enters a cool environment the heat that has been stored is returned to the body. In addition, the bled also boasts moisture wicking properties. The latter allows the shirt to remain nice and dry.

The anti-microbial coating and silver threads found in the cuff and collar are there to tackle bad smell. According to Rustagi, the coating can last for more than 70 washes, while the silver thread is there forever.

In order to offer a perfect fitting, the designers analyzed the technology called strain analysis. The latter allowed them to identify how the skin of a body moves. Thus designers were able to figure out how "stretchy" things are and come up with a shirt that can adapt to any body size.

Due to the wrinkle-free nature of the knit, the shirt does not need to be ironed. The company recommends wearers to wash the shirt in washing machine and avoid dry cleaning.

[via Ministry of Supply and Kickstarter]

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