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Latest Invention: Avatar - Lie Detector for Airports


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In the near future airports will have a new deception detection system that will figure out the suspicious people that try to get on planes.

A new lie detector is a project launched by scientists from the University of Arizona. Their machine was named Automated Virtual Agent for Truth Assessments in Real-time (Avatar) and it's the size of an ATM.

The invention's job is to spot the things that border agents cannot. The device is equipped with a high definition camera with built-in infrared sensors and a microphone. It will be able to capture and estimate the facial expressions and voice of the subject.

Avatar will scan the facial features of a person, with a particular focus on the eyes. By using infrared sensors the machine identifies eye dilation and movement, which are the two main signs of deception. The microphone is used to register not only what one says but how they say.

Surely the accuracy of the machine can be affected in case of some medical conditions, prescription drugs that can influence the person's sensitivity to light and several other factors. Thus, in order to ensure high level of accuracy the device will have to work together with a human agent. Currently researchers are carrying out trials of their latest invention, reports Physorg.

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