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Latest Invention: Back Seat Transparent Touchscreen Window


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A group of designers from the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design has teamed up with engineers from Toyota to develop a technology called "Windows of the World", which turns the window of the back seat of a car into an interactive transparent touchscreen.

The technology allows kids to draw different images on the window using their fingers, zoom in and out the images they see on the opposite side of the window, learn new words by touching the objects seen outside the vehicle and get the distance from the car to these objects and information about them.

The new technology was officially presented at the European Automobile Manufacturers' Association that took place in June in Belgium. It works similar to a tablet PC - you can zoom in and out images by spreading two fingers outward or draw pictures by placing a finger on the window.

There's one more interesting thing the technology has - the drawn pictures will move out of the window where they were created at the same rate as the vehicle is moving, giving you the illusion that the drawing represented part of the landscape outside of the car.

In order to get a better picture of the technology, check out the video below.

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