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Latest Invention: Ballistic Clipboard - Offers Protection Against Knives and Bullets


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Despite the fact that police officers in a lot of countries are given bulletproof vests, it is very hard to wear them all the time, which is why a company from Ohio presented its latest invention aimed at protecting officers at work.

It is know that police officers often carry clipboards and IMPACT Armor Technologies has come up Ballistic Clipboard. Besides being used for holding arrest warrants, speeding tickets and other papers, the new clipboard can also stop bullets.

According to the developer, the invention can protect against knives, blunt weapons, as well as 9 mm, .357, .40, and .44 mag rounds. They can be used in any weather, being resistant to hot and cold temperatures and unlike the bulletproof vests the clipboard weights just 907 grams.

It was developed to be used in situations in which an attacker fires at an officer's chest, while the there person that is being assaulted holds the clipboard. In this case the bullets will most likely hit the clipboard.

Ohio's IMPACT first developed the device after it was asked by local law enforcement personnel. The Ballistic Clipboard is available for purchase on IMPACT's website, wearing a price tag of $150.

Check out the video below to get more information about the device.

[via Oh Gizmo]

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