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Latest Invention: Beam - New Remote Presence System that Uses Stable Wi-Fi


The latest creation of Suitable Technologies is Beam remote presence system. The company's robot is composed of a 17-inch LCD display and 4 Wi-Fi radios that provide stable wireless connection.

In addition, the system features two cameras - one providing the operator a wide-angle view of the bot's surroundings and the other one facing the front of the mobile base. Such arrangement allows the operation to dodge obstacles.

Due to a series of built-in microphones, the system offers high quality audio, thus providing comfortable conversation even in a noisy environment. To be able to communicate via Beam remote presence system, the user only has to have an internet connection, a webcam, and microphone.

It is worth mentioning that the invention wears a price tag of US$16,000. You will also need to pay US$950 for the charging dock.

Check out the video below to see the Beam in action.

[Suitable Technologies via IEEE Spectrum]

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