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Latest Invention: BEV - Vending Machine that Offers Tea for Tweets


South Africa can now boasts the world's first vending machine that hands out refreshing drinks after the user sends a tweet.

Dubbed BEV, the Twitter-activated machine started working at Cape Town's Wembley Square.

Through the end of the week the vending machine will be offering BOS Iced Tea as part of a special promotion.

The display on the machine will inform you about the hash tag you need to tweet from your handset to receive your drink.

The user has to make sure that their Twitter application is able to access their location. This is because BEV needs to check to see whether the user is actually nearby.

It is worth mentioning that for the first time the vending machine was presented at the Design Indaba Expo, take took place in Cape Town earlier this year.

[via Gadget]

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