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Latest Invention: Bicycle that Plays Music as You Pedal


It is always fun to ride and bicycle while listening to favorite music. Having this in mind a team of Dutch engineers and designers came up with an interesting concept. They created a bicycle that plays music while you drive it.

The invention is called Feats Per Minute (the name comes from the Dutch word "fiets", which means bicycle, and "beats per minute", unit usually used to estimate the tempo in music.) and it is equipped with several wheel-mounted turntables. By spinning while the rider pedals, these turntables play music from a record that the user has attached to them.

The group is composed of Merel Sloother, Liat Azulay and Pieter Frank de Jong. The trio always looked forward to mixing their skills in graphics, illustration and industrial design and the record playing bike is the outcome of their work.

The project started with an old Alpina bike, which the team upgraded using different parts collected from dissected vertical record players. One of the goals was to maintain the design as low-tech as possible, with the only additional feature being a 9 volt battery that is used to power the amplifier.

The turntables on the bike play the music in accordance with the speed of pedaling. Thus if a user wants to listen to a ballad then the speed should be low (about 60 beats per minute) and if they enjoy dance music, the speed should rang between 170 and 300 BPM.

[via Feats Per Minute]

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