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Latest Invention: Bifacial Solar Panels from Sanyo


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The collaboration between Sanyo Canada Inc and AVACOS Solar Energy led to the creation of the first Canadian photovoltaic system coupled with the latest invention from Sanyo - HIT Double bifacial solar PV modules - and DuROCK Tio-Coat reflective roof covering.

The system was installed at DuROCK Alfacing International Ltd.'s main office in Woodbridge. It is worth mentioning that the HIT Double PV modules developed by Sanyo can produce renewable energy from both sides of a photovoltaic panel, which increases the amount of generated energy by 30 percent compared to traditional single-sided PV modules.

According to Environmental Leader, the latest invention is believed to be a perfect choice for carports, canopies and porch coverings. The DuROCK Tio-Coat roof covering boasts a solar radiation reflective capacity along with weather resistance of 89 percent. Thanks to such coating, the new system can produce more power, while making use of fewer solar panels.

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