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Latest Invention: Bionic Fingers that Allow Picking Up Glass, Hold Cutlery


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British researchers from Touch Bionics managed to create one of the most useful inventions - the first bionic fingers in the world. Their new invention will help people who had their fingers amputated or were born without them by making it possible for them to pick up fragile objects and even write.

People who will use ProDigits will be able to write and grip as a result of a special sensor installed in the motorized digits. The sensor is able to identify when the fingers of a person have closed around a certain object. It is worth mentioning that a person controls the bionic fingers using brain signals.

In addition, the new invention does not require any surgery. The cost of such an invention ranges between 35,000 and 45,000 pounds. The price includes the money required to carry out the occupational therapy, make skin covering and fitting.

Today about 1.2 million people around the world have had partial hand amputation. Sensors that are attached to the user's skin control the custom made bionic fingers, picking up signals from the brain. The new invention also comes in several coverings, including "livingskin," which is a covering that resembles real human skin.

ProDigits have been tested by a former concert pianist, 42-year-old Maria Antonia Iglesias, from Spain. She suffered from an illness that forced doctors to remove her fingers. The bionic fingers made it possible for her to write, hold dishes and glasses. In 2008 the company's artificial hand was included in Time's list of top 50 most important inventions.

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