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Latest Invention: Burg Neon Watches that Supplement Smartphones Presented at CES 2012


At this year's CES, the watchmaking company Burg has presented its Neon line of watch phones, two of which will be launched onto the US market.

The main model is called the Burg 9 boasts an analog clock face and features that allow making and receiving hands-free calls, speed dial, voice count and key lock and unlock.

The timepiece also includes GPS that allows parents to track their children who wear the watch. Burg 9 is available for $99.

Another model is called the Burg 11. Besides allowing making and receiving calls and texts, the device includes an MP3/MP4 player, camera with 3x zoom, 2 gigabytes of memory and file manager. In addition, the gadget can be used to browse the Internet, shoot photos and video and record audio. It also boasts Bluetooth capability, call history, vibrate feature and allows the user to send SMS and MMS messages.

The device wears a price tag of $299.

The two phones are meant to supplement smartphones, allowing the user to receive calls anytime, anywhere without having to bring their phone with them.

Currently the company is working on waterproof models.

[via Burg]

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