Wednesday, 19 Jan, 2011 Technology

Latest Invention: Camera that Resembles Human Eyeball with Zoom


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A group of researchers at the Northwestern University and the University of Illinois managed to develop the world's first curvilinear camera that resembles a human eye, but which also has a 3.5x optical zoom capability.

It is worth mentioning that the camera is about the size of a nickel. According to the researchers, their latest invention could be used in numerous applications, including night-vision surveillance, robotic vision, endoscopic imaging and of course consumer electronics.

Yonggang Huang, Joseph Cummings Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Mechanical Engineering at Northwestern, said that they were inspired by the human eye and their goal was to create a small camera that could take good images.

An array of interconnected, flexible silicon photodetectors mounted on a thin, elastic membrane, allows the small camera to be compatible with variable zoom, with the elastic membrane having the ability to change shape, reports ScienceDaily.

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