Monday, 28 Feb, 2011 Technology

Latest Invention: Cheetah - Animal-Like Robot from DARPA


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Boston Dynamics, the company responsible for the creation of the BigDog robotic mule, recently mentioned that it signed a contract with DARPA to construct Cheetah, a much quicker and more terrifying animal-like robot.

The robot will have four legs and a flexible spine. It will also be able to articulate its head and tail. One of Cheetah's most impressive abilities is the ability to run faster than the fastest human on the planet. In addition, the robot will be able to make tight turns and stop on a dime.

The company's previous robot, BigDog, was built to carry equipment for troops. It could carry up to 300lbs, while registering a range of 13 miles. The construction of Cheetah is based on Boston Dynamics's BigDog.

However, according to the company, the new machine will register better results, being used in the fields of emergency response, advanced agriculture and vehicular travel, reports Wired.

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