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Latest Invention: Chip Implanted in the Brain to Help Control Your PC


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According to Intel, its customers would soon have the possibility to have a computer chip implanted into their brains so they would operate computers, mobile phones, TV and more, using their thoughts, without any physical interaction.

Currently the company's new invention is being developed at its lab located in Pittsburg, USA. The chip will be able to feel brain activity with the help of a special technology based on Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (FMRI). Scientists at Intel have not yet developed such a chip but according to one of the company's researchers Dean Pomerleau these are close.

Theoretically, different people thinking of the same word or image would have the same activity in their brains, but since no one really knows exactly how the brain works, this is not certain.

With the help of FMRI, Pomerleau together with his colleagues scanned the brains of volunteers in order to see whether brain patters match when people are thinking about the same things. It is worth mentioning that in theory different people that think of a similar word of picture have similar brain activity, informs Physorg. However, such theory cannot be proved since no one yet knows how exactly our brain works.

The research team says that up till now the results look rather promising. According to the lead researcher, in a decade or so people will be more inclined towards the company’s new invention implanted into their brains.

In 10 to 15 years it would be possible for people to operate hybrid computers by making use of a combination of new technology and living tissue, considers Associate Professor Charles Higgins of the University of Arizona. His statement comes after scientists at the University managed to come up with a robot that is controlled by the eyes and brain of a moth. In the near future Intel's new invention could help people with some physical disabilities.

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