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Latest Invention: Compact4All - Small Kitchen with Compact Appliances


Compact4All is a modern kitchen that saves you a lot of space. It was designed by Jan des Bouvrie for Princess, a Dutch company that focuses on domestic appliances.

The kitchen has 4 white cubes measuring 20 x 20 x 20cm and featuring a kettle, toaster, coffee maker and juicer. These cubes can be positioned side by side or nicely put together to form one big cube.

Compact4All represents an ideal tool for singles or couple who lack kitchen space but who want to benefit from all the elements of a real kitchen equipped with everything for cooking meals.

It would be interesting to note that the cordless kettle is able to hold half liter of water and includes a filter spout, steam cut-off and boil-dry protection.

The coffee maker can make 2 cups of coffee and is equipped with a removable water tank and removable permanent filter.

The toaster can be used to make two slices simultaneously, and the electric juicer features two different heads and boasts an automatic starting mechanism.

Interestingly enough, each unit of the kitchen can be used individually, having its own power supply. At the same time the system can be plugged in using the central outlet in case all units are combined all together.

Expect such compact appliances in stores now and be ready to spend €39 (US$50.70) per unit.

[Princess via Homebuildlife]

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