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Latest Invention: Computer with Transparent Screen that Allows Controlling 3D Objects by Hand


Microsoft's Applied Sciences Group has recently presented a prototype of its computer desktop that boasts a transparent screen and which allows the user to manipulate different digital 3D objects by hand, make perspective adjustments and more.

It is worth mentioning that the machine is equipped with a translucent OLED display developed by Samsung. The user can see through the screen their own hands and use them to manipulate 3D objects, which would be of much use to designers and architects.

It is also possible to open files and/or windows from behind the display. The user simply selects a program by hand.

The computer also includes traditional keyboard and trackpad. However, the two are located behind the OLED display.

Another interesting feature of the machine is the built-in head-tracking technology. With its help the user can alter 3D objects by stepping to the side (which shifts the view angle and thus shifts the view of the digital object).

Check out the demo video below to see the prototype in action.

[viaWired UK]

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