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Latest Invention: Cooktop that Heats Cookware Anywhere On Its Surface


Induction cooktops may look futuristic nowadays, but they actually appeared for the first time in the mid-1970s. These devices used coils of copper wire found under a ceramic surface to generate an electric field in metal pots. Thus the heating takes place.

Recently Thermador has presented its latest innovation called Freedom Induction Cooktop. It allows the user to heat cookware anywhere on its surface. In addition, the machine is able to detect the shape and size of the cookware placed on it and conforms to its footprint.

The cooktop features 48 separate induction heating elements on its surface. According to the company the device boats "the largest cooking surface in the industry."

With the help of a 6.5-inch color touchscreen control panel, one is able to select the power (from 15 to 4,600 watts) and mark cooking time for each unit of cookware. In case a pan or pot is moved, their settings will move to their current location on the device.

The presentation of the cookpot officially took place at CES 2012 in Las Vegas. The device is expected to hit the market this July, wearing a price tag of $4,949.

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