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Latest Invention: CoolWare - Water Cooling System that Attaches to Your Neck


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Meet CoolWare Personal Cooling System, a special system that beats the heat when you're in a hot place with no air conditioning.

The device is made of anodized aluminum and blows water-cooled air. It has 2 refillable chambers within the arms. The latter has space for 57 grams of water that is used to cool air brought in from the front and then sent out into the back of the user's neck.

A single AA battery is required to power the built-in motorized fan. The rear unit of the device has 2 power settings that the user can select.

In addition, there are 2 padded neck cushions manufactured using anti-bacterial fabric. These cushions ensure that the users benefits from a comfortable wear on the neck.

The user will have to refill the water reservoirs every 2 to 4 hours (water consumption depends on the temperature of the environment), reports 7 Gadgets.

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