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Latest Invention: CTX Develops World's Smallest Virtual Keyboard


Brookstone, a chain of retail stores in the United States, has recently started taking orders for a new virtual keyboard developed by CTX.

The most interesting about the keyboard is that it is a laser keyboard that can be projected on virtually any surface. In fact the whole device fits in a simple keychain, being the size of a ZIPPO lighter.

It would be interesting to note that this laser keyboard is so far the smallest and most affordable on the market.

The small device projects a full-sized QWERTY keyboard in front of it and when the user types, an optical sensor tracks their finger movements.

With the help of a Bluetooth connection, the gadget can sync wirelessly to nearly all devices. The built-in lithium-ion battery allows using the virtual keyboard for 2 hours. USB is used to recharge the device.

The shipping is expected to start on October 1, with the Virtual Keyboard being available for US$99.99.

[via Brookstone]

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