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Latest Invention: De-3D Glasses Watch 3D Movies in 2D


There have been various studies mentioning that watching 3D content could be hazardous for people and some started even questioning whether 3D technology is here to stay.

But one thing remains true - there are people that reported headaches and dizziness after watching movies in 3D.

However, it can be hard to refuse an invitation from your friends to a movie in 3D, which is why you should consider wearing De-3D glasses that allow watching 3D content in 2D.

When you watch a typical 3D movie, you are shown two overlapping images on the screen. When you wear 3D glasses each image is seen by each eye, instead of seeing both images by both eyes. Thus a stereoscopic 3D effect appears.

The De-3D glasses take the image that is mean to be seen by the right eye, and brings it to both eyes. It was said that the system functions perfectly in any cinema that makes use of Real 3D technology.

The glasses are available at ThinkGeek, wearing a price tag of $8.99.

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