Monday, 01 Aug, 2011 Technology

Latest Invention: Device that Allows Remote People to Feel Closer


A device dubbed Roly Poly has been recently unveiled by the Division of Industrial Design, National University of Singapore. The gadget makes it possible for two people to feel each other's love and care even when one of them is far away from the other.

Roly Poly resembles an egg that is small enough to be placed virtually anywhere. The device comes in two examples, one for every person.

It works rather simple, one touches the "egg" on his or her table and the other egg instantly starts rocking, indicating that one person is thinking about the other. The invention can be used even when two people are located in different countries.

Roly Poly is a device that can definitely push researchers towards the development of similar creations, making the distance between two people shorter and allowing them to one way or another feel each other physically.

[via DesignIncubationCentre]

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