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Latest Invention: Device that Turns Wi-Fi Signals into Electricity


At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) that is currently taking place in Las Vegas, the spokesman for RCA said that one of the company's most useful inventions, called Airenergy, is able to produce electricity from WiFi signals like those from a wireless Internet connection.

The device could be used to recharge cell phones. According to the company's spokesman, they were able to recharge a Blackberry from 30 percent to full battery charge in about 90 minutes by making use of the WiFi signals.

It is worth mentioning that the recharging time of the Airenergy depends on the closeness to the WiFi signal, as well as on the number of WiFi sources nearby.

The lithium battery incorporated into the device turns the WiFi antenna signal into DC power to fill, which means that Airenergy automatically recharges itself if it is in the Wi-Fi area. To recharge a cell phone, one needs to plug the Airenergy battery into the device using USB connection, informs OhGizmo.

RCA's device could become one of the most useful inventions for people living in modern megapolises, where there are many WiFi signal hotspots. However, those living or working in rural areas are less likely to benefit from the gadget.

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