Monday, 11 Oct, 2010 Technology

Latest Invention: Device that Uses Waste Heat Energy to Power Electronic Gadgets


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A team of researchers from the Louisiana Tech University, led by Dr. Long Que, managed to create a device that converts the waste heat energy from electronic gadgets into power which is then used to recharge these gadgets.

The team's latest invention is called the CNF-PZT Cantilever. It features a carbon nanotube on a cantilever base of piezoelectric material.

It would be interesting to note that the device is very small, which allows researchers to include thousands of small CNF-PZT Cantilever devices into different gadgets. It will allow gadgets to use their own energy to charge.

Researchers were able to show that a device is able to produce enough energy to operate a number of low-power microsensors and intergrated sensors, informs Treehugger.

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