Thursday, 19 Aug, 2010 Technology

Latest Invention: Diamond-Covered Razor Blade that Lasts for Years


Gesellschaft fur Diamantprodukte (GFD), a German company based in Ulm, developed a diamond-tipped razor blade that could replace the conventional blades used today in the face-shaving products.

The company's latest invention is entitled Diamaze PSD and it features a tungsten carbide blade covered with a thin film of synthetic, industrial-grade diamonds.

The diamond-covered blade is extremely durable, being able to last for years. The GFD claims that its latest invention will last 1,000 longer than conventional steel.

The idea to use diamond in creating razor blades came to the founder of the German company, Andre Floter.

However, it is worth mentioning that toughness is just one of the advantages of the new blade. German engineers thought about using a "plasma-sharpening" process in the creation of the blade. During the process dozens of blades are stuck upright in a vacuum chamber and afterwards pummeled with oxygen or chlorine gas excited to a plasma state, reports TechnologyReview.

The company says that the resulting radius of the curvature at the blade's cutting edge is just 3 nanometers.

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