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Latest Invention: Digital Wall You Can Paint On Using Your Fingers


The numerous Kinect hacks have just gained one more, called "Soak and Dye in Light". The invention was created by Everyware, a Korean creative computing group that managed to transform a huge spandex screen into a digital wall using Kinect. The most interesting thing is that anyone can use the wall to make various paintings using nothing but their fingertips.

In order to explain how it works, designers Hyunwoo Bang and Yunsil Heo said that the invention makes use of the Kinect to "grab the topology data of the screen in real-time, which is then translated into a 3-dimensional deformation structure".

To make it more clear: when the user presses their fingertips into the elastic material, the Kinect detects the change in the depth of the membrane and transmits the information to software. The latter produces a visual simulation of ink that smoothly spreads out from the place the user touched.

In the near future the designers hope to create clothing that could be digitally printed by anyone that interacts with Soak.

[via FastoCoDesign]

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