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Latest Invention: Doll House that Helps Cut CO2 Emissions and Serve as Security System


The latest invention from scientists at University of Hertfordshire, UK, is a doll's house that could one day change our way of life, at least that what its developers state. The doll's house is part of a project entitled InterHome and was developed with the goal of showing that our homes could be much greener and safer if homeowners took advantage of smart technologies that adapt to people's daily lives.

Engineers included in their latest invention a network or infrared sensors that are connected to a central computer. According to the coordinator of the project, Johann Siau, the software algorithm of the house analyzes the rooms that people tend to occupy and then learns when there is a need to turn on the lights, the air conditioning or heating systems and when such actions are not necessary. You can find additional information on latest inventions here at www.infoniac.com in order to be up-to-date with the news from the worlds of science and technology.

The tests carried out by researchers showed that the technology behind the InterHouse can help reduce carbon emissions and cut energy bills by about J300 ($490) per year, reports New Scientist. In addition, their latest invention can also serve as a home security system - the lock sensors on doors and windows are connected to the main computer and whenever the homeowner forgets to lock them the system sends a text message. If the user texts back, the system automatically locks the doors and windows.

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