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Latest Invention: DVD That Can Last for 1,000 Years


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The lifespan of the majority of DVDs extends from 2 to 5 years. A solution for prolonging the lifespan of a disc was recently proposed by CranBerry LLC, a company that claims it managed to create a new type of DVD that can last for 1,000 years.

The company's new invention is called DiamonDisc. The name comes from the diamond-like synthetic stone surface that the disc is made of. The new DVD holds just as much data as the conventional DVD disc, but in contrast to the standard model that features a gold or silver reflective surface, the new invention does not have a reflective layer.

The ECMA-379 standard temperature and humidity testing, used to estimate the life of optical media, showed that the exceptional qualities of the new DVD allow it to resist the temperature of up to 176 F, deal with ultraviolet rays, and delay material deterioration, reports ComputerWorld.

The initial price of the CranBerry's new invention is $34.95, but one can acquire a pack of five discs for $149.75. The company can burn the disc by itself, but those who look forward to burn the new DVD at home or office would need to purchase CranBerry's burner for $4,995. It is worth mentioning that the discs can be easily played on virtually any conventional DVD player. The main purchaser of the new technology will most likely be the government, who might use the invention for archival purposes.

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