Thursday, 15 Sep, 2011 Technology

Latest Invention: Dyson Hot - New-Gen Heater that Doubles as Cooling Fan


The famous British Industrial designer James Dyson has recently presented its brand new device called Dyson Hot, which represents a bladeless space heater. The gadget can fill the room with hot air much quicker than conventional space heaters. It can also play the role of a fan to cool the space during hot days.

The new device from James Dyson is much safer and cleaner than a traditional space heater. The opening in the heater has low surface temperatures and it doesn't gather a lot of dust and there are no grilles that can sometimes trap debris and as a result catch fire.

Using heat detecting technology, the new heater can be set to a desired temperature and it turns off when the set temperature is reached. Then, after the temperature drops, the device automatically turns on.

The Dyson Hot also boasts automatic thermostat and easy-to-use remote control and it automatically deactivates in case it is knocked over. All in all, the device saves you money and energy.

[via Dezeen]

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