Monday, 18 May, 2009 Technology

Latest Invention: E-readers With Color E-paper


The new ebook reader, Kindle, from Amazon, surely made a lot of noise in the press and on the Internet. However, the device has one disadvantage - it is monochrome. This may change soon as later this month people will witness a full color model of electronic paper, which is used as display for such ebook readers as Kindle. The color e-paper represents the latest invention of the Cambridge-based E Ink Corporation.

The company says that it looks forward to show the color version of the ebook reader in San Antonio, Texas, where, on May 31, tech specialists will gather at the Society for Information Display conference. In addition, E Ink mentioned that products featuring its latest invention are expected to hit the store by the end of 2010. The new technology used to create the color version is called electrophoretic display, reports New Scientist.

However, it is worth mentioning that the e-paper from E Ink is not the only invention in the field. The Japanese giant, Fujitsu, develops the LCD-based Flepia e-reader. The company's device features a color screen that has 20 cm on the diagonal. Flepia e-reader makes use of three layers (red, green and blue) that are fit together in one single thin layer. All layers are made from a new liquid crystal material that requires power only when one changes a page.

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