Thursday, 10 Nov, 2011 Technology

Latest Invention: E-volo - One-Man Helicopter Invented by a German Team


A team of engineers from Technology Region Karlsruhe, in Germany, has carried out the first manned flight of its rather odd but still very original flying vehicle that has an exercise ball used as a landing gear.

Dubbed E-volo, the multicopter represents a one-man flying vehicle that features a steering system, 16 propellers and an electric motor that has a rather low level of noise pollution.

The vehicle is also lightweight and is able to support up to 176 pounds. The first test flight lasted a minute and a half.

The developers of E-volo say that their invention is a Segway for the air. Another interesting fact is that the vehicle can stay still in the air.

The team also wrote on its website that their flying machine "can be landed safely even with a malfunction of up to four engines."

Watch the video below to see the multicopter in action.

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