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Latest Invention: Earphones that Deliver Music Right Through Bones


Listening music via earphones is steadily damaging your years and still it is a very useful way to enjoying favorite music while jogging, surfing the web, riding a bike etc.

To solve the issue, specialists at a New York-based company have come up with a technology that completely bypasses the listeners' eardrums.

At CES 2012 AfterShockz unveiled its new gadget that does not generate ambient noise like traditional earphones, and allows the user to carry on a conversation and be aware of the surroundings while listening to favorite tracks.

It is worth mentioning that we hear due to the sound waves that travel through the air and to our eardrums. But AfterShockz says that bones in the head are also able to transmit sound vibrations to the inner ear. This is how a person hears their own voice.

To use the headset one should wrap it around the back of the skull prior to looping in front of the earlobes. It would be interesting to note that initially the technology was created for SWAT teams.

So far the company offers three models: Sport developed for outdoor activities; Mobile, which features an in-line microphone for a cellphone; and Game, which packs a USB connector and a 9-foot cord for gaming or Skype.

All 3 models are water-resistant and come with a rechargeable battery that delivers 15 hours of playtime on a single charge.

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