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Latest Invention: Eco-friendly Battery that Powers Devices for 6,000 Hours


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Researchers from the Technion - Israel Institute of Science developed a battery that can power different devices for thousands of hours.

The new invention of Prof. Yair Ein-Eli and his team produces power by making use a non-polluting fuel source. It is worth mentioning that the new battery features a silicon power source that reverts back to sand as soon as it is spent.

Currently researchers look towards using their new invention to power small devices such as hearing aids, but in the near future they hope to develop a battery that would power laptops.

After carrying out their tests, scientist found that after 600 hours, the battery used only 10 percent of its capacity, which means that a fully charged green battery could function for 6,000 hours and then deplete back into its initial form as sand.

According to Israeli researchers, in about two years their new invention could be used to power small devices. However, for gadgets that require more energy, the new type of green battery will be developed in 10 years or so, informs ISRAEL21c.

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