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Latest Invention: Electree - Solar Charger that Resembles a Bonsai Tree


The nice Electree from Vivien Muller represents a solar charger for different portable devices. But the most interesting thing about this gadget is that its design resembles a bonsai tree.

Equipped with 27 violet solar panels, the eco-friendly charger is now available for pre-order, wearing a price tag of $400.

For the past 3 years the designer has worked on improving the device, especially focusing on the design. The base of the tree is clad in white, which makes it look like it is made of porcelain.

The silicon solar panels also play the role of leaves. The tree is mounted on a flat tray that is used to hold the gadgets while they charge.

The user can easily manipulate the shapes of solar panels to make the charging procedure more effective. The way this device works resembles the photosynthesis process.

To pre-order the device you must contact Mister Ecologie and One Development & Consulting.

[via Vivien Muller Portfolio]

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