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Latest Invention: Electroluminescent Display that Can Stretch and Deform Like Rubber


The latest invention of scientists from the University of Tokyo is a new type of organic electroluminescent display that has the ability to stretch and deform like common rubber.

Researchers showed a face-shaped screen that displayed changing expressions, and a sphere-shaped display that illustrated weather information. In order to create their latest invention, scientists sprayed a layer of carbon nanotubes that featured fluoro-ruber compound to make a stretchy, conductive material.

It is worth mentioning that the two presented screens are thinner than their popular equivalents plasma and LCD. In addition, the organic electroluminescent displays are energy-saving and can be used in a variety of ways.

Prototypes that Japanese scientists demonstrated measure 100 square centimeters and feature a resolution of 256 monochrome pixels. Impressively enough, these displays can be folded a thousand times and their quality will not be altered. Currently researchers attempt to improve the resolution of the EL screens and create new kind of displays that would be in color, informs The Mainichi daily News.

"In the future, displays that once had to be flat can be made spherical, or even moving," says Takao Someya, professor of electronic engineering at the University of Tokyo. He mentioned that in future the team's latest invention could help experts in medical field. For example, a human-shaped display, could serve well in showing medical diagnosis information.

The research and its results are already available in the online edition of British science journal Nature Materials.

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