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Latest Invention: EmoBracelet that Helps Online Traders Control Their Emotions


The tech giant Philips recently presented with its latest invention called EmoBracelet. The gadget was developed together with the financial giant ABN Amro. It was developed to inform traders that they should chill out so their emotions won't interfere while they carry out different operations with shares.

The company's latest invention estimates the electrical signals from the skin of its wearer, thus being able to inform the person about his or her emotional state. It resembles a lie detector that identifies the anxiety behind a lie.

"Driven by fear, they may sell too hastily when share prices drop. Driven by greed, they may be overenthusiastic," said the announcement of the two companies.

In addition to the EmoBracelet, Philips introduced the EmoBowl, both making use of electrical displays to illustrate the emotional intensity of an individual.

These latest inventions were developed to help traders with their emotions by making them aware about their current emotional state.

With the emotions getting more intense, the lights on the bracelet and bowl flicker faster and the start turning from a soft yellow to orange, with deep red signaling the most unstable emotional state. The emotional sensors were developed by Philips some time ago and the company has been thinking about their most advantageous use. The EmoBracelet and the EmoBowl became the company's first actual products featuring the technology.

Currently Philips does not look forward to make immediate moves in order to introduce its latest inventions on the market. However, the company says that its technology is likely to evolve in the near future.

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