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Latest Invention: Energy-Efficient Fridge Without Doors


Ben de la Roche, a student at Massey University, decided to come up with a new type of refrigerator that doesn't have doors. It also turns off when it's empty.

The energy efficient prototype is up for this year's International Electrolux Design Lab 2012 Award.

The main difference from standard refrigerators is that this one features a wall of hexagonal pins that replace the doors. The pins are placed in honeycomb configuration and make it possible for the user to shove into the "wall" what needs to be kept in a refrigerator.

Only when you introduced the an item into the refrigerator, it starts cooling. It is worth mentioning that only the introduced items are being refrigerated, which saves a lot of energy.

The student will be presenting his invention to a panel of judges on Oct. 25 in Milan, Italy.

[via The New Zealand Herald]

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