Monday, 21 Mar, 2011 Technology

Latest Invention: I-Voluce - 46-inch Multitouch HD Display Controlled Using Physical Gestures


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Evoluce, a German company that focuses on the development of natural displays, has recently presented its new 3D sensor high-def display called I-Voluce. The main feature of the display is that it can be controlled by physical gestures.

With a resolution of 46-inch, the liquid crystal HD display can be used for playing video games, making educational and corporate presentations.

The I-Voluce can be controlled from a distance of up to 4 meters. In addition, the device makes use of multitouch technology that allows the display to detect finger input from 6 users simultaneously.

The most important component behind the intelligent gesture control of the device is the gesture software WIN&I 1.0, which is compatible with Windows 7 and a myriad of other applications that one can run on the 3D-sensing multitouch screen, reports Gizmowatch.

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