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Latest Invention: Exclusive Portable Gadget for FBI


With an idea to obtain a portable device that would identify fingerprints and faces, the FBI Hostage Rescue Team teamed up with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

The Federal Bureau of Investigations said that it requires a tool that would be more portable that is currently used 20-pound rugged laptop along with a fingerprint scanner that is used in anti-terrorism missions.

Researchers from NIST managed to come up with their new invention - a new application developed for a portable touch-screen device. To create their new invention Mary Theofanos, Brian Stanton, Yee-Yin Choong and Ross Micheals from NIST, collaborated with FBI agents and even watched them perform their job, which considerably improved the development process.

In the end, both researchers and FBI agents found the new invention quite useful. It is worth mentioning that even the FBI Hostage Rescue Team expressed its great surprise after testing the new application, which more than fulfilled their needs. NIST researchers developed a handheld device able to take images of fingerprints or faces and transmit the information wirelessly to the central hub for further examination. Everything can be performed with just a few touch strokes.

However, researchers decided to take their application further - they developed a demo application for 2-inch by 3-inch screen smartphones with touch-screen.

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